Electronic Fly Killers & Insect Screens

For flying insects such as House Flies, Blow Flies, Wasps and others

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Flying insects such as House Flies, Blow Flies, Wasps etc. carry various diseases, can fall into manufactured products and food and, in the case of wasps, inflict a nasty sting.

Discreet Pest Management supply a comprehensive range of high quality Electronic Units for the control of flying insects.

Where food is manufactured or prepared, or where the risk of insect contamination cannot be tolerated, it is recommended insect screens are fitted to windows and doors to deny pests entry.

Discreet Pest Management Ltd. offer a range of insect screens and curtain doors that can be designed and fitted to most openings.
Again we offer a free site survey to assess the most suitable application for your business be it insect screens, electronic units, or a combination of both.

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“We have been Clients for over six years. Our regular inspections and any problems encountered at any time have always been dealt with extremely efficiently and promptly. We find the service supplied by Discreet Pest Management to be both friendly and reliable in all respects. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.”

– Maldon Fruit Supplies

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